ICA Consultancy work with a select few partners to be able to deliver greater value to our clients. The partnership categories are listed below, please click on each link to read more:

Security Testing

Security testing is a critical part of any security model. Whether you require software development reviews, penetration testing, or full red team/simulations we can support you through our network of trusted partners. We can complement these services with our advisory services, helping you interpret the results and make risk based decisions on next steps. This ensures your investments directly reduce your risk profile.

Data Management

Whether it be data pertaining to customers, supply chain or Intellectual Property, it is data that keeps businesses moving. Conversely, poor management of data can also lead to reduced revenue, loss of customer confidence and regulatory sanctions. Through a combination of data audit, legal, and advisory, this partnership can ensure you can comply with the General Data Protection Regulation, and protect your customers data.

Security Operations

Attracting and retaining the capabilities required to effectively manage security operations is difficult, let alone dedicating time to maintain and tune the required tools. Through our network of trusted partners we are able to provide a variety of services, including an identity focused offering providing unparalleled visibility into activity within your estate. Optionally coupled with our Virtual CISO service, we can ensure the right management decisions are made.