Data Management

Whether it be data pertaining to customers, supply chain or Intellectual Property, it is data that keeps businesses moving. Conversely, poor management of data can also lead to reduced revenue, loss of customer confidence and regulatory sanctions.

How companies manage data relating to individuals is now governed by regulation. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaces the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC and was designed to harmonise data privacy laws across Europe.

In response to this Parker Shaw established a partnership with a group of specialist companies to provide an integrated approach to data management. ICA Consultancy is proud to work within this partnership to complement the other capabilities that include information level governance, legal services and storage analysis at scale. The application of these services in a controlled, project-led manner, supported by experienced resource, enables the creation of a solid foundation from which organisations can drive compliance & meet regulatory requirements, and ensures security and data led initiatives deliver demonstrable benefits.


DMM deliver professional services leveraging their purpose-built analytics software to enable more effective data related business, compliance or infrastructure programmes. They conduct in-depth analysis to establish insight that enables organisations to reduce volumes, costs and risks, whilst gaining a better understanding and control of valuable data.


Hybrid Legal’s expertise is provided by their team who possess a deep understanding of the way business works and the value they can add to the bottom line. They provide proactive legal services and guidance to help organisations achieve compliance, ensuring the necessary policies, processes and training are in place to meet Data Protection legislation requirements.


Parker Shaw supports organisations through the identification, assessment, selection and placement of skilled specialist temporary and permanent IT personnel, as well as managing large and complex projects as part of a managed service. They are large enough to provide the scope and range of services required by their varied client base, whilst small and agile enough to quickly adapt to individual client requirements.