Security Awareness Training

Technical controls are becoming more sophisticated, however cyber-attacks as still being successful. Why is this, and what role do your employees play in ensuring your business remains secure and successful?

As part of our Advise services the Security Awareness Training (SAT) ensures employees understand the key risks, threats and vulnerabilities and most importantly the impact that a breach can have on the business and their own lives. Delivered on client site, our training is designed to be vibrant and interactive, removing technical jargon and making the content relevant to the delegates.

Our Approach

Our approach to security awareness training is to deliver the content by breaking it down into easily understandable sections. The Security Awareness Training (SAT) is delivered in a non-technical manner to individuals to provide a good general understanding.

The training is informal and is delivered on the customers site to minimise disruption. Delivered in a vibrant and interactive manner, we use real world examples to help employees understand the key risks they face and the impact that a breach can have on the business and their own lives. A key takeaway will be that whilst humans are typically the ‘weak link’, they can also be the strongest form of defence. Whilst an organisation may have the latest and greatest security technologies and controls, these can be undermined by a simple slip of the tongue, clicking on the wrong link or opening the wrong attachment.

Your Benefit

By providing a functional real world understanding of cyber security to your staff we will improve your security culture by creating awareness while providing actionable, usable rules as takeaways

The SAT will contribute to transitioning your staff from your weakest link to your first line of defence.

The Engagement

As an example, a typical training package consists of;

  • One days training delivered on client site
  • 60-90min sessions, typically 3 sessions per day
  • 10-15 people in each session