Security Operations Centre

As part of our Assist services the Security Operations Centre (SOC) helps organisations detect and respond to those security events that circumvent or manipulate existing security controls. Whether you have established security hygiene, or even advanced security services, events will happen within your organisation, and their impacts are solely managed through your ability to quickly and effectively detect and mitigate them.  

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Unlike traditional SOCs, our focus on user activity means we also identify suspicious activity performed by authorised users, reducing the impacts of Insider Threats

Security Operation Centre: Services

Behavioural Monitoring

Identify anomalous or suspicious behaviours in your environment.

Intrusion Detection

Identify suspicious activities that may be indicators of compromise.

Asset Discovery

Know who and what is connected to your environment at all times.

Vulnerability Assessment

Find and remediate your vulnerabilities before an exploit or intrusion.

SIEM and Log Management

Correlate and analyse event data from across your environment.

Virtual CISO

Optionally, the SOC can be supported by our Virtual CISO service. Not only will you have unrivalled visibility and alerting, you will get experienced oversight and direction, ensuring remediation is effective, mitigating impacts and protecting your business and your customers

  • Threat intelligence correlates security information from multiple sources.
  • Internal asset discovery and vulnerability scanning monitors your security posture
  • Integrates with identity providers to add identity context to security events, determining patterns of behaviour.
  • Intrusion detection, privilege account escalation detection, identity lifecycle events.
  • Automated compliance control checks and reporting.
  • Your data never leaves your services, we only monitor activity.
  • Optionally supported by our Virtual CISO offering.

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